It’s easy to form a picture of what Seattle’s like without ever coming here.

Like New York or Los Angeles, it’s popular and visible enough that you can hear the word Seattle, and an image pops into your mind.

Lots of clouds. Lots of coffee. A big needle. Groups of techies destressing in an Amazon Biosphere.

Okay, maybe not that last one.

If the word “Seattle” conjures up an image like that, then congratulations, you’re correct!

But those are merely pieces to a much larger picture.

There’s a Seattle out here that transcends national opinion and perception.

One that can only be known and appreciated while you experience it for yourself.

Again, congratulations! By visiting us, you’ve done that all-important first step.

So now it’s time to see Seattle for yourself and to experience this great city to complete your very own picture.

And if you want to experience the soul of Seattle, you couldn’t have picked a better place to start.

Just seconds from the vibrancy of Pike Place Market, you can look down and see the first step of your Seattle adventure right below.

Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

Do you want the big, popular attractions that you see in pictures?

Or do you want a deep dive into the hidden gems that need to be uncovered?

The whole city is your oyster.